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I woke up with the word in my head.  I walked downstairs into the kitchen, and heard myself thinking, "Trifecta".  "Trifecta? What does that mean?"

As I was cooking breakfast, recollections of last night's dream were floating around in my head.  Did my dream have anything to do with the word?

First up, I'm in a classroom- standing in front of my teacher, (who is actually my daughter's teacher) waiting to get my report card.  I looked at my scores, which were put on a standard sheet of paper, and the only thing I could read was something that looked like this:
  1     Excels: The Kings Debate

In my dream, I was excited.  I didn't know that I was the one that had WON the King's Debate.  I also didn't know that the debate was titled.  The report card surprised me, and excited me.  I remember being like "Wheee!!!  Yay!"

There were other pieces to the dream that seem irrelevant.  And if they were relevant, I guess I'd feel the need to write them down in detail.  But I'll bullet point the basics.
  • Somebody in my class stole a song I wrote, and it bothered me because they're purpose in stealing it was to get fame and glory.  I was mortified by the person's cut-throat attitude toward becoming "famous".  It was like nothing I'd ever experienced.  The person looked scary in describing how he was going to get "to the top".  

  • In another portion of the dream, as I'm walking into school-  I notice that I'm wearing Joshua's work boots, and dirty jeans, and his work jacket.  I looked down and thought "Oh, bummer- I'm wearing Joshua's work clothes.... Hmmm?  Oh well."  My (grown) classmates were making fun of me, and sort of taunting my grossed out attire, but I didn't care.  My persona was "flippant"....  unaffected.    The same attitude I felt when, in my dream, there were several people laughing at me for "being fat".  I was laughing, too.  But? Not at myself.  I thought it was HILARIOUS that grown people were acting so childish.  A girl beside me was just devastated that I was getting laughed at, and through a deep belly laugh, I remember saying "Oh my goodness.  I think it's so funny!!!  Don't worry about it hurting my feelings.  IT doesn't.  Not. At. All."
The significance in those points may be nothing.  They were just there.  

I will say, that deep down, typically- if a person is negative toward me, it affects me sincerely.  I'm a sensitive little thang.  I will cry like a little kid if I'm treated badly by my peers.  Seriously- it's RARE in our adult life that it occurs that I will be around a person or group that has obvious dislike toward me. But recently, I have been super upset by a certain few people, and I'm telling you- it bothers me more that I don't know what  I've done to cause the "dislike" than anything else.  If I just KNEW I think I'd be way cooler with the fact that somebody 'can't stand me'.  

I'd ask- but it's situational to the degree that I know the person(s) well enough to know that the response would be "What? I don't know what you mean????   I don't have a problem with you....."

You know folks like that?  Confrontation is NOT-an-OPTION kind of folk.....  They'll retreat- anything to avoid handling an issue.

 So? For somebody like me, with a strong SENSITIVE discerning spirit, it would only fuel my frustrations to hear the person claim they didn't have an "issue" with me when I am most certain they do.

Blah blah blah.  Did any of that make sense?

And we're back to the original question.  WHAT does Trifecta have to do with me?  Or my dream?  And why don't I know anyone that can interpret dreams? 

(My sister is a dreamer- so much so that she has a journal full of  dreams, which I believe to be prophetic.  When she dreams a vivid dream, that she can recall verbatim when she wakes up- she journals it.  She has spent many, many sleepless nights dreaming- until finally she moves toward delivering the dreams content to the person she thinks she needs to tell the dream to- and then her dreams stop.

Anyway- I asked her if she 'knew' anyone that could interpret dreams: 

What a dork...........
She said, "Ya.  Um?!  Daniel."  (from the BIBLE).  

"Hey- you know anyone that's not dead?"

She didn't.  

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