Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Forgetting to Remember

Water.  Agua.  H2O.  Or is it h2o. Or h2O?

Whatever.  Water.

When I'm stupidly tired, my first thought is: Coffeeeeee.  I neeeeeeed cofffeeeee.......
And so I drink a pot cup, and then... I'm ..... still tired.

And then I think: Red Bull.  Ya, BABY.  I need a Red Bull.
And so I drink a 16 ouncer and then.... I'm not as tired, but 3 hours later, I'm more tired.

And then I chug 60 ounces of water, back to back- and I'm like "Whooooo-EEEEEEE".
Not tired.

But I always forget to drink water THE. FIRST. TIME.

Why do I do that?!

And that's kind of how it is.
I "know" what I need to do, but sort of "forget" what I know- so I do a bunch of other dumb junk first.

Like? A while back my gall bladder was trying to kill me- and I had to move to a super bland diet.  And I knew I needed to stick to that bland-o diet, but once my gallbladder backed off, I went back to the junk.

And now? My gallbladder is actin' like a FOOL all over again- and I forgot what the symptoms were while I was all sluggish and tired, and IN.PAIN. these past 2 weeks until a NEW symptom popped up, and I had shooting pain in between my should blades (toward the right side) and I remembered that LAST time that was the ONE symptom I did-not-have.


I forgot to remember what I already knew.


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