Saturday, January 15, 2011

Extreme Girl (Kyla)

Kyla.  She's 7.  We've had big dreams for her before she could even crawl
Well?  I won't call them "dreams", per say, more like "ideas".  Guesses.  Assumptions based on actions.
There ya go.  We've had many "Assumptions" as to what she is going to do, based on her actions...

We assumed she would do something creative with her hands:
One afternoon we found her belly-scooting along the floor toward a sticker that (somehow?) had made it's way onto the linolium.  Her tongue was all but sticking out of her little 5 month old mouth working her teeny fingers over that sticker, diligently maneuvering the end up so that she could peel it back, off of the floor, turn her head over to look at her parents as her hand made it's way to her mouth just before we jolted up from our seats to rescue her  from the germy germs that were about to invade via that oddly placed sticker.
She cried and cried.
I didn't blame her.
She had worked SO VERY hard to get that sticker.  We robbed her of her reward.
And creative she is.

we assumed she would be athletic
She took her first steps at 13 months.  For the first born, we assumed this was quite the late start.  New parents hope for those first steps to take place well before that first birthday.  Our daughter? She didn't need to walk.  She CLIMBED.  On. EVERYthing!
At 7 months, she made her way over to a laundry basket, which had been placed in front of a chair; the chair was beside a small table.  The memory is clear- because we (her parents) were both so very shocked that it had happened.  
We returned to our living room, where we had left our crawling baby, to find her sitting atop aforementioned table... just... sitting there.   
And over and over we watched her master her mountain climbing; atop the laundry basket, into the chair, and then to the table.  We "rescued her" down to the floor (where safety belonged) and she speed-raced back to the laundry basket, and then into the chair, and then to the table... 
Now? She lies down on the floor to do situps and pushups, and races down a snowy bank on an inner tube, running back up the hill over and over, never seeming to tire.  
She randomly runs 7 laps around the outside of our house, and concocts different ways to climb on her swing so that she can hang upside down and flip and twist and scare-the-living-day-lights-out-of-me.  She throws ropes over tree limbs and designs a way to "swing like a monkey"....  She. Is. Athletic.  And creative in doing so.

we assumed she'd be artistic
In an abstract artist sort-of-way.  She drew and colored and she built with blocks, and she did all of those typical toddler things-but she did them all so very uniquely.  She dressed herself by the time she was 2, and seemed to always find a funky hat to go with her funky clothes.  She wore her sunglasses upsidedown, and NO, it was not okay to turn them the right way.  
Now, at 7- she glues things to other things and creates sculptures.  She molds playdough into snowmen, and then transforms them into "snow man penguins"- complete with penguin noses and penguin feet.  She uses charcoal pencils and mimicks a picture I had drawn, and colors stars in gold marker- and uses a black marker to fill in the white paper to make it appear to be a starry night.  

Our daughter is reading above her grade level.  She is WRITING above her grade level.  She is creating stories, and had independently chosen to journal.  In her journals she draws pictures.  Once- she created a clever comic strip.
Our daughter can SING.  Beautifully!!  

It sounds as if I'm rambling on how great she is.  Don't get me wrong.  She is DIVINE.  
She's multi-talented, wildly creative, extremely intelligent.... and compassionate and tender hearted to boot.

As her Mommy, as half of the parental unit- I'm finding myself at a loss.  
How do we help her hone in on the things that she is interested in?  She-Is-Interested-In-EVERYTHING.  
And we cannot DO everything.  
So far she wants to:

Be a dancer (ballet, please)

Be a cheerleader
Take karate
Do "sketches"
Be an inventor 
Play baseball
Take Yoga
Play guitar
Play piano........

And these are the things she's talked about for OVER a year now.....  

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