Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fuel. Spark. K@P0W. I'm fired up!

Alright.  I'm sitting on the couch- minding my own dang business, and my baby sis sends me a text message.

"Have you heard of the band "The Band Perry"?"

That's innocent, right? Ya.  It's cool.  I'm cool.  We're good.  'Cept I didn't know that this simple lil' text was gonna be the first gallon of fuel that sparked up this here blog.

My ever-loving musical referencer- Youtube- gets some action via my iPhone and finger swiping skillz. (Shut up Google red-liner spell checker thingy... I put that z there on purpose.)

So I click on the first video that popped up.  And some weird looking dude is singing slightly Clay Aiken-ish, but I'm digging his vocal talent.   The video was high quality.  Like? High tech vidography HD mac-daddy quality.  I assume it's the 'Official Video' from "The Band Perry".  Eh?  I like it. It kinda didn't make a whole lotta sense to me- the song- but dude-boy had some lungs, and the music was sweet.

But then my Youtube addiction served it's purpose.  I couldn't NOT click on the 'suggested/related videos'.  Youtube (like Facebook) sucks you in.  It's like a black hole.... once you go in...there's no telling WHEN you'll get out.

I got confused.  Who is this band? Why is this dude singing all these cover songs.  What is going on?!

I go back to my original search.  "The Band Perry".  Wait. A. MINUTE!?!?!  This guy isn't "The Band Perry".  He's somebody ELSE.  Nancy Drew overtakes my body.  WHY the crud-monkey does this random POSER have more flippin' freakin' fraggin' views than the original artist??!?!!!

You know why!?!?  Cause he's a POSER.  POSER. POSER!!!!!!!  


 He botched up the song.  He flailed up the lyrics.
 My heart is beating super fast right now.  Hold up.  I need to chill my temper.

Deep breath.

Why does this TICK me off??
IT's none of my beeswax what this wanna-be-song-stealer-glory-mutt does with his time.  BUT- ugh!
Man it ticks me off.  Grandfather clock TICK-TOCKed OFF!

In defense to youtube- the VEVO video of The Band Perry has 9 million hits.  My iPhone didn't show that particular video in my search.  It showed this one (1.6 million hits!)  first:

I researched more videos trying to find the REAL artist (from my iPhone).
And my feathers got all ruffled when the only one my phone wanted to show me was this one:

Less views.  LESS!!!  From the original artist.  AND- less quality.  Thunder = Robbed!!!!!!!!

I march my bottie hiney upstairs to grab my laptop.
"I. Am. BLOGGING about THIS!!!!"
The whole nine steps to our room I'm mumbling in my head:

(I can't believe this guy is getting more glory for the song that the real artist put all their time into.  and he screwed up the lyrics? and he's making all these other poser videos.  and he's on iTunes, too?  what'd it take him? like 12 minutes to put the HD camera up to his ugly mug and sing the song? stupid junk.  this is just messed up.)

Upon opening up my laptop and speed-racer typing my frustrations out on my keyboard, I did discover that the PC version of Youtube actually did put the original artist at the top of the search.  BUT_ STILL!!!!!!!!

The artist poured HEART into their work.  HEART.
Not just vocal ability and a 4gillion dollar camera.  HEART!!!!
They had to have spent countless hours writing and composing the music.
Getting the lyrics just right.
Getting the sound perfect.
NOT TO MENTION the time and effort, and heartache that went into getting the original contract that would allow this band to be heard through the radio waves.

It just makes me stinkin' MAD that vocal ability seems to be what "Youtubers" get drawn into.
And that poser-wanna-be's can get so far, so fast, based on (what I think is) PURE ROBBERY.

Look-a-here.  It's one thing to make a lil' home video singing a song written by somebody else- so you can show your friends and your Grandma that you got a perty voice....
Ya. Ya. Ya.
BUT making a HD video singing somebody else's song?  - and THIS DUDE even has stuff on FREAKIN' iTunes.  HEY!  HEY!  Those artist BLED to get where they are.  BUY THEIR art- not the botched up copies of it!  Why is this guy allowed to put stuff for sale on Itunes?!  I'm probably wrong.  There might be an "important" piece of the puzzle I'm missing here.  Who knows?

I'm gonna stop here.  I'm just gonna throw my hands up... maybe write a letter to iTunes and Youtube.  I dunno.

OH!  OH!  AND!!  Some commenter said "I like YOUTUBE singers better than I like the originals...."


Vanity. vanity. VANITY.

Fuel.  SPARK.  SHLA_BAM!  K@P0W!



  1. If I ever need to read something that I can relate too...or i just need a laugh...or a 'that is EXACTLY how I feel'moment, I just read your blogs!! Unfortunatly, I am not the talented writer and story-teller that you are...but It's crazy how i can read some of the things you write and I'm like...'OMG that's where I'm at or how I feel.' Crazy!
    I know blogging is an outlet for you....but you have a way of blessing thoes who read it.
    You rock girl!

  2. Thanks Beth! You totally encourage me and I sincerely appreciate you for lifting me up. You know how us 'girls' are- all self conscious and unsure of ourselves. You have a way of lifting people up, and that means so much.