Monday, November 29, 2010

Booger Pickers

The more (or less) I am faced with controversy- the more (and more) I realize that facing said controversy has no longer provoked the "pick your battle" mindset {that seemed to only come as an after effect.} 
("Crap!!! I shoulda kept my mouth shut!".)

Rather- it provokes the "pick your booger" mindset. 

Lets face it. When we have boogers in our nose- the suckers have GOT TO COME out.

It's. Not. An. Option. 
Am I right?!

And in private we may do a quick boogie grab as a quick fix. Or- some of *us* may do an extended version of the boogie grab- naked finger and all. 

Some of us may realize that's it's too snotty and gushy to pick out- so we grab our TP and blow the especially globby ones real-quick-like into a tissue.... open it up to see what we got out of the deal... and toss it in the waste basket to be forever forgotten. It's done. 

Or what about the runny nose boogie snot? Snif-snif-snif to suck it all cause we don't wanna have to go searching for a kleenex. Though, eventually- the nose wiping is gonna happen one way or the other?! 

If you've not gotten beside yourself in gross, and you're still able to read along- let me get to my point. 

Battle Picking vs. Booger Picking

In our day to day we do come in contact with various little-battles, somewhat-big battles, and at times, massive-huge battles.

We were instructed to "pick one". 
(Cause you know, we can't fight 'em all.) Some folk have accomplished this strategic method of battle picking; but not I. 

Not me. At all.
Epic fail with the battle picking thing. Almost always. 

I don't know how to pick a battle. I just can't do it. My battle picker is broken. Maybe I never got one? I bet it was lost alongside my filter. They maybe were in the same box? I dunno. 

In recent days I've concluded that the big small huge massive or a variation of them all "battles" are in need of a new name.

My personality type says: "if it's in front of me, i'm gonna go with it. Head on. Sans helmet."

Like a booger. If it's in my nose, I'm getting it out. The end. 

Simple enough. Not that I chose this for my life. Who'd choose that?!? On purpose?!? It's a challenging personality to have!! (Just ask my mama!).

So I know I'm going to pick my boogers. 
Not ignore. Or leave 'hanging'. 

The question now is: 
"Do I quickly pick it? Dig into it? Blow it out fast and look at the snot that results later? Should I grab the kleenex box immediately or sniff it out a while?"

And like all boogie picking seems to go, more often than not, we don't actually dwell on the method as to which way we are going to procede with 'operation boogie removal'. We just do what seems right at the time. 

Sometimes we FAIL to think carefully before hand. 

Sometimes we reach it to do a quick boogie grab and had NO idea the big glob of snot we were going to get out.
("Wish I had a tissue close by.") 

Sometimes we sniff and sniff and sniff and before we know it- we are in mid conversation with dribbled snot pouring out our nostril as our cheeks flush purples and reds from extreme humility.

("Shoot!! I shouldn't have waited too long.")

Other times we get the jagged painful boogies and literally have to endure the discomfort until we are at a 'place' of ability to remove it.
(There are times we get lucky and the jagged dirt booger can be dealt with in private. Others... ... the booger has to get out, and get out NOW. 

It's almost ALWAYS an instinct of sorts as to which way we pick our boogers, isn't it? 
And when it was "the wrong" method, it's almost always too late to recover from the discomfort of it. 
So we just have to move on. No regrets. 
Atleast we got all the boogers out, right? 

It's hard to pick your nose in public.
I know.

But 'Mama said there'd be days like this... there'd be days like this mama said. (Mama said, Mama said).' 
And just sticking a wad of tp up our nostils is a temp fix. So.... 

We have to get our boogies out.

Rejection or not. Disagreement or not. Frustration and defensiveness or not.... 

Otherwise, we'd all be snot nosed BRATS blowing our jagged snotty yucky boogies out randomly and with out good cause. 

Troubles... er... boogers are inevitable.
It's how we "choose to handle" them and that we DO handle them, that matters.

More later......

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