Saturday, August 7, 2010


My Zoe.  I can't believe she's already a big 5 year old.  And she'll be in Kindergarten in 2 days!!!!

Who could prepare for the fastness of life, when "all of the sudden", the babies are growing into big girls?  I can't.  Kyla is 7, now Zoe is 5, and Leah?- she'll be 3 soon enough.  There are no more babies in this Anderson House.  Just "big girls" and "little girls".  (Where's that tissue box?!?)

It was a sweet day, August 5, 2005, and August 5- this year.  Thankfully, it was a Thursday.  Mother's Morning Out  (Miss Kelly's school, as Leah affectionately calls it).  I took Kyla and Leah to Miss Kelly, so that  Zoe and I could have a little date.

First stop: A Big Girl hair cut.
We went to a place in Gainesville that (I thought?!) offered kids cuts for 'the age' of the kid. (Nah. They don't.)  I called ahead and double checked (hmmm? the answer was "yes" they still do this) and scheduled Zoe's cut in a perfect time frame- right after I dropped off the other girls to MMO.


So? Zoe got her hair trimmed, and ready for school.

I'm thinking each stylist prices their hair cuts differently at this place.  Zoe's cut was $7-  ..... but later we went back, and Kyla's cut was $15?  It was confusing and I was embarrassed to have gotten caught off guard by the big difference in the price vs. the price we were told... but- Kyla's cut is supremely gorgeous.  All in all, after the cuts and tips- the girls hair cuts cost $30.  Kinda painful for a not-planned-for expense (when we called, my understanding was that it would only be a grand total of $12 plus tip).

But having a new "do" for school is worth it.  And did I mention that they got GREAT cuts?

So, after Zoe's hair cut, I played follow the leader- and let Zoe tell me where she wanted to go.
"Let's walk down here....." (to a boutique sort of place).  I told her that we could pick out a few special gifts while we were on our date; but each little item she picked up, she said something like "This can be for Kyla!!  Can we get this for Daddy? OH! Look!!!!! This can be for LEAH!"  We left having not picked out a single item for Zoe.

 We went to a few more places.  The Children's Place recently opened a little store in town, and that's where Zoe found her treasures (x2).  Her "soul sister" Eliana turns 5 this week.  She wanted Eliana's birthday present to match her birthday present.
A (too cute) bathing suit; complete with matching headband, and flip-flops.  Thankfully!!!! The Children's Place was having an outstanding sale and this x2 didn't end our shopping trip.

What was hilarious though- is that after a few minutes in the store Zoe would say "I'm ready to get out of here now.  Can we leave?" and then she would wander over to something that captured her interest, and a few minutes later say again "Can we get out of this store now?" and so on and so on..... 15 minutes later- we finally left.  Silly girl.

Against my better (economical) judgment, Zoe found 2 little hair bows that she sweetly requested. I had to bite my tongue- they were just little hair-ties, one with a princess crown attached to it, the other with a heart attached to it.  Hair ties!  That's it.  $3.50 each???  It was her birthday... and I sucked it up.  And honestly, I was glad I did.  She was super proud of her "special hair bows" to wear to Kindergarten.  (I couldn't tell you where they were right now, though.  Sigh!)

We went to another store and found a  new pair of shoes, and another set of hair ties (she had to get them- the tag said "Zoe Zoe"- literally.)

It was time to eat- and where did Sweet Girl wanna go?

Ahhh.  A child after my own heart.  Yay!!!
We shared Fajita Nachos (with shrimp!) and Sopapilla (since they were all out of Fried Ice Cream!) and talked and hung out at El Som for about an hour.

After lunch it was time to pick up the girls from Mother's Morning Out, and we left to get Kyla's hair cut before heading home- to get ready for OPEN HOUSE!!!!

Open House will be another blog, on another day (this IS about Zoe, ya know!) But to say that we're so thankful for how great it all went would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!  We are more than pleased with our teachers (so far).

After Open House, Zoe picked Chick Fil A for dinner.  And we had our usual's.  Joshua's dad (Pa) joined us, and the girls had a good time visiting with him.

Through out the day, our family sent voice mail happy birthday songs to Zoe, and text messages wishing her a Happy Birthday.  It was adorable to see her face light up with giddyness after each message or voice mail.

Zoe's the kind of kid that responds so well from a simple SMile.  I can be irritated and have a sour face- and it have nothing to do with her- but she'll still ask "Mommy? Are you mad at me?" and all I have to do, to reassure her that I am happy with her? Smile.  Smile big- and say "Noooo, Zoe- I'm not mad at you at all."  And her little shoulders go up and she smiles a joyous smile all through out her face, and says "Ohhh- I'm glad. I. LOVE. YOU. MOMMY!!!!"

My precious Zoe.  I do love her. She brings so much joy to our house.

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