Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Walking Through Those Doors....

I walked through the Elementary school doors this morning ready to take that big-deep-breath of surrender.
"We're doing it.  We're gonna go through with it.  It'll be ok." Sigh........

I pumped the girls up as we were driving (all 10 minutes) to the school.
"You're going to have such a great time when you go to school, we're going to pray that you get the PERFECT teacher... OH!  Look at that playground......"

I had (almost) all of my documents to hand over to the administration.  Save one.  OH! The one.
The one that caused us unnecessary grief 2 years prior.  The one that led to a nasty-glare from the secretary when I first turned it in.  And inappropriate comments to my daughter (by the teacher).

The Immunization Waiver.

"You know!!! Kids get SICK when they come to school. They NEED those shots!" (Said the mean-old-lady behind that big-tall-desk 2 years ago)

This go 'round I had no waiver.  I needed to get it notarized in order to make it legit.  So? Per Ga.Dept. of Education's Policy (which states that this particular document needed to be on turned in upon entrance to school) I was going to wait to turn in that form at Open House.

I walked through the doors with chipper bouncy steps following close,  beside and behind me.  They. Were. So. Excited!  Into the office we walked, confident and ready!  Out came the words from trying-to-be-chipper-too lips  "Hi. We're here to register for school."
...... and back fired the look.... the one that said "Oh YA!!! I remember YOU! You're a trouble maker..... "

"You'll need to have your birth certificate and your ss card and your immunization records before you can register."  (I have everything I need except the immunization form.  I'll bring that to Open House.)
"No. You can't register with out it." (Ok? Can I go ahead and fill out the forms now since we're here,  and I'll bring it to you in the morning....? I have all the other documents you need.)
"No. You can't do ANYTHING until you have all of the documents."

Out I walked after a (as polite as I could) "Thankyou."
In my car I loaded up my confused little girls- and out I whipped my handy-dandy iPhone.
Ga. Dept. of Education
Phone number in sight.
Ring. Ring. Ring.

Sweet-as-honey lady answered the phone and heard the bent up frustration I had been holding in for all of 47 seconds + 2 years-ago prior experience with this particular school.
And sweet-as-honey concurred.  "Of course those forms were not required upon registration, but only with in the first few days of school."
She was sympathetic that we had been turned away. And that our prior experience was distasteful.  And "well? how bout you find another school to go to, inside the county? I don't blame you for not wanting to go there!" (I wish we could- but there aren't any available slots for us.) "Oh, honey. I understand...."

She decided that I (insert southern accent with a twang) "need  to contact your principal about the importance of making this a good school year... and you just let him know that you feel concerned that you were met with difficulty before you were even able to register.  And honey, if that doesn't work, I have a dear friend at the central office- here's her name and her number.  You give her a call, and she'll be more than happy to help you out."

This phone conversation made me feel better.  And then I got home... and the memory of that stinker behind the desk sent anger-bumps all over me, all OVER again.  I called my husband.  And. I. Vented.  My face got all hot and I my tone got all bitter, and I think a swear word flew out of my mouth.  (Maybe 2.... or 3?)

Venting done.  Onto Google.  I read all the rules and regulations regarding the Department of Educations' registration policy.  I printed them out.  And. I. Highlighted!  Ya.  That's right. And circled the words "Upon Entrance".  

And on I went to take my daughters to my sister- so that I could go back into the school and meet with the counselor.  (And a tissue box.)

We talked about the situation- and let me just stop here and add- It's such a good thing I had 10 minutes alone in my car out in that parking lot to PRAY.  I was so torn up with pride and anger that I was ready to shove my little print out in that mean-ol' secretary's face and tell her where she could SHOVE my non-existent immunization forms.

Ya.  It was a good 10 minutes.  I know- I'm super Christian, right? Swearing and talk of shoving forms somewhere bad.... No.  I'm not super ANYTHING.  Those 10 minutes in my car, radio on, praying "God? I'm pretty sure this is what I am suppose to be doing. Did I get it wrong? Tell me now." Those 10 minutes made the next 60 minutes all the better.  Pride- GONE.  Anger- Lukewarm, not boiling.

Moving on.  Counselor and I talked.  And she understood my concerns. (I think it must be in the job description?)  Not just about my earlier mornings experience, but also about the 2 years-ago (trauma) we went through.  She made no promises, but did say that she was 'pulling' for Kyla to get a specific teacher that she thinks would be a perfect fit.  And we talked about Zoe.. and how she would pretty much make her day fun with anyone; but that Kyla's previous teacher was not an option due to past tension.  Sigh.  Feeling good at this point.

And the bottom line is this.  I didn't speak to that secretary again.  Counselor talked with her and came back to me with a "Well? The county page says that it's required upon registration- but the State's page doesn't say that.  I think they may have that policy in place here just to make things easier."

We did NOT register today. (You know? To make it 'easier' on the administration.....)

I will be waking up (yay!) early to take our papers to be notarized, and retry the registration process again.  And? That just gives me one-more-day to pray that we get THE PERFECT teachers for our children.  And pray that I continue to drop my pride and shed some of the bitterness I have.

I'll leave you with each girls' list of things they wanted us to pray for about what kind of teacher they get:

*That she's pretty
*And she's nice
*And when I write something wrong she'll say "Oh- look?-I think you made a little mistake right there. Let's try again." instead of "It's wrong! Erase it and do it over!"  (this one made me sad)
*And that she loves Jesus and God
*And that she'll get us to pray before we eat our lunch

*I want her to have curly hair
*And be able to climb trees
*And I want her to sing
*And..... that she's nice
*And.........??? I don't know what else....?

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  1. Hmm. Is this the same mean old secretary that was there 2 years ago? If so, I can testify that she doesn't know what she's talking about. When I went to withdraw Shaun from school last year, so that we could homeschool, she told me that I didn't need to fill out a form, I just needed to not send him to school. Yep you read that right. Just don't send him to school. I guess so that the police could show up at my door saying that he was truant. Ugh. Can't. Stand. That. Lady. But- she's not in charge of the school. I had the Central Office call her and tell her what to do (after she argued with me for 20 minutes). Put her in her place. And it felt GOOD. Unfortunately, I didn't have the 10 minutes of prayer that you did, so I wasn't so nice.

    I will say that Shaun had the perfect teacher in 2nd grade. She was a Christian and super-nice. And I know of more than a few like her in the school. I'm praying your girls get the perfect teacher for them... and for a stress-free school year.