Monday, August 9, 2010

Just had to share.  God is sooooo COOOL!!!!  I went to my sister's house this morning (to remove myself from being pitiful about dropping the girls' off for their first day of school).  My sis- she's got some incredible things happening in her life.  God is moving.  I love it.  The last part of our conversation was based on the fact that her son was in need of some clothes (summer growth spurt).  She's recently unemployed (another cool "God story" for another blog) and just asked me to keep an eye out.

After leaving her house- I stopped at our local thrift shop.  The guy there knows us (we're frequent shoppers) and knows that I'm often followed my 3 adorable little girls.  But he asked "Hey.  You don't have a boy, do you?"

"No.  I have a nephew, though."

Guy: "OH!  Well? This lady called us a while back, and asked us to save boys clothes for her.  I've called her and called her, but she won't come get these clothes." (and he points to a large garbage back).

"Wow.  My nephew is in need!!  That'd be great."

So he pulled out the sizes I requested, and bagged them up.  I thanked him (profusely!) and he said "Don't thank me.  It's Jesus.  I normally wouldn't have even asked.  I guess the Holy Spirit just prompted me to."

And I told him how AWESOME it is that we just left my sister's house having discussed this very need for her son to get some clothes.

Now? Don't get me wrong.  They are NOT impoverished by any means.  They are just having to be extremely careful in their finances right now.  My  nephew grew completely OUT of all of the clothes he owned- and his new school clothes will "do" for now, but he is in need of an entire wardrobe.  Summer, Fall, and Winter.  That's a LOT to take on.

And the bag of items he was given were good, nice, clothes.

This is basically a testimony to how miraculous God is in providing- but not JUST in providing- but in being so forward in telling us (so directly) that HE Will supply ALL. OF. OUR. NEEDS.

As a bonus, while in there I was looking for a little purse to throw my basics in (now that I don't HAVE to have my 'mom bag' anymore.)  Look what God blessed me with (for $2).

Ya.  My God is awesome.  And He's sweet.  And He gives us MORE than we need, too!!

So thankful.

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