Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"having it all planned out"

Remember those 15 containers that I prepped with love this past weekend?  Organic Vanilla Yogurt. Fresh strawberries. Blueberries.  Yum.


Is it the flavor of the yogurt?  The newness of the 6 AM wake up time? What is it?

My. Girls. Won't. Eat. The. Yogurt!!!

First day of school.  My hand was patting my back allll over!  Oh. YES.  I got this.  I whipped out those beautiful 'red, white, and blue' layered containers and said with confidence "Ok.  Here's your yogurt. When we're done with breakfast, it'll be time to go to school.  Yaaaaay!"

And........ No.

Noses turned up.  Faces soured and scrunched.  "Bleghck!!!  This taste weird, Mommy.  I don't like it."

"It taste weird? Really!?! It's just vanilla yogurt with fruit... how does it taste weird?"

I tasted it.  "It's good! Try it again."  (No-Go.  Nobody liked it!)

No problem.  I'll just turn the unfavorable yogurt (how could they NOT love that?? They've had it in variations ALL. OF. THEIR. LIFE!!!) into a smoothie.  We all love smoothies ("smooth-me", if you're talking to Leah) .  We had 'em all the time over the summer.  No biggie.  I'm certain this will be happily digested by my 3 little miss'.


They weren't having it.  (Maybe I need to add some frozen fruit to make it slushy?)

Still Nada.  Didn't help.

Finally (before I lost my good-will and first day of school mega-dose-of-patience abilities) I said in the happiest Mommy voice I own, "Well girlie's? This is our breakfast.  It's what we're going to have to eat (drink) because it's just about  time to leave.  Hold your nose if you need to."

And they did.  (Good girls!!!  They're so awesome!)

I had some organic Kashi cereal that I tossed in a little baggie for the car ride into school (just in case those bellies weren't full enough).

This morning I tried a new variation of the smoothie- one that I named "The Banana Split" (for their word play pleasure; not mine).  I dumped 3 of the yogurt/strawberry/blueberry containers into the blender, added 2 frozen bananas, frozen pineapple and Vrrrrrrooooooommm!!!!!   I also cracked a few eggs open on the griddle (just in case).

Smoothies and Eggs on the table.
Dressed and ready to go girls.
Another gonna be great morning!!!  Whoo Hooo.
They loved the eggs!! (Phew!) but "Yuuck-Eeeee"d the smoothie.


I'm pretty sure that 6 AM taste buds are totally different than 9 AM taste buds on kids.  It's just abnormal that they don't love this breakfast.  It's not a new concept to them.  Makes no sense.

I'm not even gonna bother with the yogurt tomorrow.  It won't go to waste, though. I'll use it as an after-school snack (hopefully their 2:30 taste buds like the smoothies??)

All in all- not going as planned on the pre-prepped breakfast.
Lunch is a success.  A friend mentioned the possible high sodium content with the V-8 Juice and Ham.
Noted. And appreciated.  Lemon water was sent today. (They looove LEMON water!)  I'll alternate.

I've already got next week's breakfast (Not Yogurt) planned.  Working on lunch ideas. (Not Ham)

Would love some input on what your serving this week in the lunch box.

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  1. This made me laugh! Sounds just like something my boys would do.