Tuesday, April 13, 2010


If this is what it takes to get my attention back to You- You have it.  I'm paying attention now.

Like a parent disciplining their child in an effort to instruct them in The Way that they should go; that is what You are doing in me.

James instructed us to count it a JOY to encounter these struggles.  And I am.  I wouldn't have chosen them; these struggles.  And I first, I was so angry.  "Why would you let this happen!??!"  Having children has allowed me to get a better comprehension of who You are, as my Father.  When I tell my daughter "I am not choosing to punish you.  You have chosen to disobey, which has led to your punishment", I have an understanding that You are saying the same thing to me....  

I should have never taken my eyes off of You.  I should have chosen obedience.
You gave me sweet, tender reminders to come back.
So gently You called my name.  But I dismissed You.  I put You aside.
 I convinced myself that I would come back to You later.....  
and still You pursued me, though I ignored You.

I ignored Your insistence that I set aside a time to be with You.  I chose me.
I ignored Your reminders to open my Word.  I chose other things.
I ignored You time and time again.....
And I drifted further and further from You.

Thank You for telling me that I'm Worthy.  Thank You for loving me enough to discipline me.  Thank You for pursuing me.

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