Sunday, July 5, 2009

Crocodile Eggs

While in the kitchen, I heard Zoe declare "Ok. Now I have 3 Crocodile Eggs." I looked down into the playroom, and noticed that Zoe was sitting on the potty. She explained that her eggs had to stay in the potty until they were ready to be crocodiles, and when she got up from the potty, she looked into the toilet and said "Stay there." She finished up her bathroom routine, and stood in the door way, looking at me "Mommy. My crocodile eggs are going to stay in there until they hatch, ok?" And then she turned off the bathroom light and closed the door. "They are going to sleep now."

Yes. Zoe's 3 little crocodile eggs are exaclty what you're assuming..... 3 little Zoe poopies. They rested in the potty until Zoe was too busy to notice that I flushed her 'Crocodile Eggs', lest her baby sister reached into the toilet and tried to examine them.

Sweet Zoe.

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  1. What is it with little kids playing with their poo?