Thursday, March 24, 2011


I continually find myself amazed by how miraculous our God is.

Periodically, I randomly get "pressing" to pray for 'random' people.  Most of the time- it's folks that I'm not in direct relationship with.  Once- it was for Katy Perry.  Ya.  I'm not kidding.  I all but wept praying for Teenage Dream girl.  Every once in a while I hear a song she sings, and I go into auto-pray mode.  "God, speak to her.  Lord- bring her back to you...."

I have some friends that I don't see very often and (thanks to Facebook) I see their name/face/status update and I just go a little fruity for a few minutes and start praying.  Sometimes I pray things that make NO SENSE and I feel thankful that nobody can hear my conversation with the Lord.

Once- I felt prompted to pray for a family member and I said "SO? I feel like I should pray for you...." and I stuck my hand on my husband's shoulder while my husband put his hand on this person's shoulder and I just started praying-my-heart-out.  It was so out-of-the-norm that afterward, said family member commented to my husband "Ok? That was really weird."  And the truth is was really weird.  It's not normal.
It's not typical.   We live in a private, hands off, don't get in my business world.... stepping out of that norm is super-duper-out-of-the-ordinary.

What is so miraculous about our Father is that HE will go to great lengths to lift up and reach His beloved children.  I've been so encouraged by the pressing that has come onto me to pray for others, because I know that if He is using me to pray for other golly- He's using OTHER people to pray for me, too. Whoo-Hoo.  How amazing!?!  I know that random people pray for me.
I am not guessing.  I KNOW they are.
I mean?  I've gone from happy singing in my car to all out weeping (snot-pouring-hiccup-weeping) for somebody else because my heart was saturated with unexplained heaviness....

He loves us.
So compassionately.
So deeply
    and honestly
         and generously.
                and truly.

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