Friday, July 30, 2010

Working Woman?

It's coming 'round the corner.  The possibility that I'll be a "Career Woman".  (And soon.)

Normally I'd pour out all my cool plans, and write out how stankin' excited I am to be..... OK!!!..... I may as well:

A couple times here and there I've pursued the cool fun-ness of opening and operating a Thrift Store (or Resale Shop).  And- each time, it's all fallen through, the building I looked at got rented out, finances were way too out of order, I had a baby (and another baby!) and then homeschooling the girls, and on, and on, and on........... my passion kinda dwindled out.

Recently, another door FLEW wide open to make (another) attempt at pursuing THE PERFECT RESALE SHOP in my hometown.  I'm making phone calls, and getting license information, and creating a business plan, and researching.... and I'm PRAYING.  Most importantly- I'm praying!

A while back I posted my desire to work in a few different fields. Counseling, Marketing, ASL, etc.   (I know- I know- PICK ONE already, right?)  Nah.  I don't think so.  I'm still young.  I can still go to school (online) while I work the shop you know?... my options are wide open.  This just puts us in an opportunity to own/operate a business that I would be really gooood at.  And enjoy.  AND- make money..... and possibly allow for some degree of financial freedom.  (who knows?)

Still a big-time-decision that we've not made yet.  I'm excited and hopeful.  It's gonna take a few thousand (Yup, that's THR33 zeros!) to get the doors open.  Obstacle numbers 1-10.  Money, honey!  I ain't got none (enough).

I'm hopeful.  Not totally sold on whether or not it's something we are MEANT to do; but knowing that the desire of my heart is to do something like *this*, and knowing that God has a sweetness in offering us the desires-of-our-heart; and knowing that the place-to-be-rented is an amazing deal/location/space.......

Ya.  I'm SUPER hopeful.

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