Friday, July 30, 2010

School. Decision MADE.

  The girls are going to public school this year (and possibly next year).   

The hardest decision I've had to make- sending them into the public school system (one- for the first time, and the other for the 2nd time- after a 1st times AWFUL experience.)  Did ya catch all that?

Anyone who's read this here blog-spot of mine KNOWS how tough this decision has been.   And- though I'm confident that God has a plan, and He's in control- I can't deny that I'm still broken hearted that my sweet baby-girls are being sent into the world, all alone..... from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM.... to be cared for by people I know NOTHING about. (I've considered stalking the kindergarten and 2nd grade teachers..... )  To be surrounded by children that may or may not be mean or nice, or hateful, or friendly.  To be told to walk in a straight line, and no talking, and no silliness (Wait? We have that rule for the grocery store. Am I being hypocritical here?)

Maybe the saddest part is being away (ok- wide open- the flood gates are pouring) from my girls for such a long period in the day time- 5 days a week- and not knowing how to meet their needs in those FEW hours I'll get to spend with them in the evenings. (Especially if I'm to be a working-woman in my near future).

God is good.  He knows my equipment is failing in the home school department, and I need some major repairs before I can take on that task again.  He loves my daughters WAY more than I do (and how that's possible will forever baffle me!).  His plans are for their GOOD; and that rocks.

So? I believe God whispered a tender little "You know who you should get in touch with?" in my ear- and prompted me to send the school counselor an email.  This school counselor and I- we're "Facebook friends"- cause we went to the same church; how great is that??? The few times I've talked to her I felt like she was a genuine person.  So? We emailed.  And I don't know how she did it- I've read the emails several times; there's nothing super profound in what she said- but this sweet lady made me feel a welcomed relief in the fact that we could totally make this school year a good one.  We're going to meet this coming week- and I'm so thankful to have an empathetic ear available to listen to our concerns, and our hopes, and our needs.

I'm praying for THE PERFECT teacher for each of our girls.  I'm praying that the transition from being late-morning-risers (8:00-9:00 AM) will be easy-enough, and that we'll have a cool routine in the mornings that will allow us time to PRAY together, and eat together, and CHILL-ax for an easy morning ride into a busy school day.

I'm praying that I can quit crying long enough to get a grasp on how important it is that I TRUST GOD in this time.... understanding that HE is awesomeness, and I am NOT- and He sees what's ahead; and knows what is best for us- in this time- here and now.

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  1. I know you made the right decision for your family. I'm proud of you for sticking to it, even though its not what you really want. Take a deep breath and rest in the fact the God has this all under control.