Thursday, July 8, 2010

It JUST galls me.....

Once upon a time, back in the day, a little old lady made up the saying "Well that just galls me."

What. Does. THAT. Mean????  I just assumed it meant that it bothered you.  Annoyed you? Frustrated you?

And now,  present day,  this not-so-little,  not-so-old-lady,  got a good grip on what being "galled" actually means.

A few months ago, I was experiencing the most intense stress in my adult life.  Had I been  placed in just "ONE" of the stress scenarios that I was experiencing, I could have deal with it (better).  But? I was presented in dealing with stress from all directions of my personal life.  Perhaps if, during that stress, I had seen that there was a hope to a decent conclusion, I wouldn't have handled it all so poorly.  But-  I had no certainty of a pleasant outcome.

Mentally, I shut down in the worst possible way.  Physically, my body couldn't handle my mental state.  Coupled with a poor diet, intense stress, and little sleep; my body responded and my gall bladder took the hit.  Long story short; after a week of throwing up, diarreah, and dehydration, I went to a doctor.  MD.  No help. I needed blood work and extensive testing to determine my issue.  No insurance.  So? Not gonna happen.  I researched my issue, and decided I was going to make an effort in going "the natural" way.

Off to Miss Acupuncturist I went.  A great friend  recommended Flourish Acupuncture, and I took the plunge into Chinese Medicine via Tamara Clarke's expertise.

I can't say that I wasn't skeptical.  I CAN say, however, that I was willing and open to give it a try- which in effect- made all the difference.  Tamara sat down with me and asked me many questions about my health history, eating habits, and the all important , how much current stress am I experiencing.  In the process of the acupuncture, she determined that the gall bladder was indeed the issue.

I left the office feeling so much better- an hour in a serene atmosphere was only part of the improvement.  I whole heartedly believe that something to do with the acupuncture allowed my body to re-energize.  Tamara educated me on the foods I needed to avoid (mega important!) and "prescribed" two different supplements based on the Chinese Medicine methods she has been trained in.  And- I was asked to find a yoga class to take, and practice deep breathing to help deal with stress.

I felt better.  So. Much. Better!

Today- I'm kicking myself in the BUTT for forgetting everything that lead up to my gall bladder issue before.  I have less stress, absolutely, but I've been dwelling on a very specific stress- losing sleep, self medicating with 'food', and not taking my supplements.

Stupid. Stupid. STUPID!

I'm right back where I started before I 'got better'.  Tired, to the point of ridiculous.  In pain, but not like before- because I'm not puking.

In addition- I have a toothache.  Apparently, there's a cavity up in one of my teeth.  Side note to my ailment, I have something called Enamel Dysplasia.  SO? When I get a cavity- it moves into the root faster than it would normally.  When I have a toothache, it's likely that I need a root canal.  Suckville.

And- I have an ear ache.  It could be due to the toothache- the pressure from my jaw could effect the ear drum.  Whatever.

All in all- not having insurance, dental or medical- means that,  for the most part, I have to suffer.  I have to endure the tooth pain until I can make my way to a big-fat dental bill. And seeing an M.D. to help  alleviate  the pain and discomfort associated with this STINKIN' gall bladder problem; eh- it's unreasonable.  I know that I'll have to hit the E.R. if I get a fever, and that doesn't help me any at all- because STRESS flairs up a gall bladder- and I am a little "flipped out" at the idea of a few thousand dollars for medical attention that could lead to surgery.


So, ya.  It galls me!  I'm galled.  I'm stressed about the ever-important decision  concerning how I will choose to educate my children.  Homeschool or not?

I'm stressed about finances- the need for a new car, and a bigger house- and dental care.  It 'galls' me that I have to suffer through pain and discomfort as WELL as care for my 3 little-bits-of-joy because we don't have family that can take on the care of our girls during the day.

Not anywhere NEAR the stress that I had to deal with a few months ago; but stress none the less.

I'm ready for things to 'be normal', whatever 'normal' looks like.  It's annoying to have 'big issues' present themselves into our life so consistently.  

Not a fan of being 'galled'.

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