Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Wrong Side of the World

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed couldn't possibly compare to where I'm at right now.  It seems as though I woke up on the Dark side of the world.  I'm not myself today.  I wasn't myself yesterday.  What happened to me?  I was ok.  And now I'm not?!

I can't claim to be dealing with the ever-popular excuse for being a total *itch and say it's PMS.  I'm post-M-S, as a matter of fact.  I have no answer.  I feel lost.

I wish I could take back every foul look that I shot at anyone with in eyesight, and every angry word that I spoke to anyone who spoke to me.

My husband rescued himself and our girls from my wrath by leaving the house while I finished up what I had to finish up- cooking, cleaning, cleaning, a little more cleaning- and a little more cooking.  Everything seems to be completely out of order.

How to I crawl back over to the Lighter side of the world? How do I make everything better?

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