Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Small Steps, Big Plans

I can't say that the path I'll take will be the one I'm eyeballing- but it's the one that makes my heart flutter wildly with excitement.

I've always had a desire to be a nurse- or a caregiver of sorts- since I was a little girl.  A while back, I started the pursuit toward Nursing School, and it seemed like it was going to all work out.  Something happened in the application process, and I never heard word back from the school or financial aid.....  I decided to take the opportunity to reevaluate my options; eventually coming to the realization that I don't have enough respect for our current medical field to make it a career.  I closed that door completely- thankful that I didn't waste time pursuing a career that would not fulfill me.

Along side the possibility that I would one day like to be a nurse, I've had an inward desire to possibly become a psychiatrist, or counselor, or something related to that field.  After being under the special care of a thorough and holy spirit driven counselor myself, it's been clearer and clearer that I would find a fulfillment doing the same thing with my life.  Counseling the broken, and the wiery, with help from the holy spirit.

In addition- years ago, I found that American Sign Language had made it's way into my heart's desire.  I've been trying to learn as much as I can on my own for about 5 years.  I can finger spell, and use very basic signs to communicate if ever given the opportunity.  I practice here and there with my girls, teaching them what I know, along side watching Signing Time and other DVD's that offer sign language instruction.

Blend the two heart's desire: Counseling and American Sign Language, and suddenly today (while we were watching Little House on the Prairie and eating Cheez-Its)  it seemed like the Lord dropped the most randomest thought into my head,  "Counsel using ASL".   WHOA!!!  Wow.  I got so excited with the idea that I grabbed my computer and starting Googling.  There is- in fact- a college in GA that offers courses for ASL interpretation.

How hard would it be, do you think, to be deaf, and in need of counseling? How much harder would it be to find a Christian counselor that could communicate with you, with out having to read lips or write on note pads?  From experience I can tell you; it's hard enough to find WISE COUNSEL from a Christian standard...... how much more of a challenge would we have if we couldn't hear the counsel?

Like I said- who knows if that is the path that The Lord will walk me down.  It's just a thought.  Just an idea.  I've had many of those lately.  This one makes me happy.  More than happy.  Humbled.  Amazed.  Excited.  Inspired.  Fill in the blank.  Give me a thesaurus and I could fill this page.  Just the IDEA gives me immediate JOY.   Wheeeee!!!!!!!!

As a side note: I keep hearing "2 year plan".  As in- we need to make a "2 year plan" for our family.  Putting the girls in public school (GASP! It still hurts to consider it) for the next 2 years would open up a door for my husband and I to figure out what careers we would like to pursue.  The "school" I would go to (technically, it's not a school, but a ministry) will take 2 years.  The college I would attend that offers ASL courses to become an interpreter would take 2 years.  The marketing degree that I've looked into takes.... mmmhmmmm... 2 years.  It's unlikely that I would do ALL 3 in the next 2 years- not impossible, though- but the ministry I would delve into would be the #1 on my list.  ASL Interpretation would be #2.

I've had a desire to write full time, hoping to one day become a published author.  I could take creative writing courses to help me pursue that dream.....?

There are so many options!!!!!!!  Options that would be interesting, and fulfilling....  options that I don't want toss aside, options that I want to hold in my hand and say "Lord? Will you choose for me?  Your plans are greater than my own!  Here I am.  Use me!"

I'm still praying about school for the girls.  I'm getting closer to realizing that it's likely we will send them to public school... and realizing that God has bigger plans for my life than I could possibly imagine.  I'm realizing that I have GOT to choose small steps, and let Him walk me through each one, so that I can- at some point- step into the plans He has for me.

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