Sunday, August 30, 2009

Journal. Not Blog!

I bought a journal today. No. Really. I really did. I have sooo many things I want to remember while I'm out with my girlies, but by the time I get home, and find the opportunity to 'write' about their hilarious / profound comments- I have FORGOTTEN.

So- this journal that I bought..... it's pretty basic. Black. Leather (or fake-leather?) Bound. Purse size (I have a mom-purse, but it's still fairly compact). And it was a whopping $4. I know. I totally broke the bank with that purchase! Really, though. It's nothing spectacular. And it doesn't need to be, either. My friend of friends has been telling me for EVER to journal. Journal. JOURNAL! (not Blog, Amber. JOURNAL!) And once upon a time I did buy a journal just to get her voice out of my head... it just kept nagging me every time I was out and experienced something that I needed to write down (kidding friend! I am forever thankful for your wise words) but I always FORGOT to write in it. Why?!

I over-thought the journal. I made 'tabs'. Go ahead. Get ready to start crackin' up. I'm already laughing at myself. So. I made tabs in my journal. I wanted it t be an 'organized' journal, you know! The tabs read- Kyla. Zoe. Leah. "Me". And it was all fancy and stuff. It was a journal with a removeable notebook. SO! I could just 'file' away my notebooks and keep the journal-cover.... blah. blah. blah. blah. It was ridiculously complicated. I journaled just a few times in it.

This little one, it's just basic. Keep it in my purse. Open to blank page. Scribble my thoughts. Close the book. The End.

So, here I am. On my blogger. And what am I doing? I'm blogging- about journaling. Total weirdo. Yes. I. Am.

But I am happy to have a journal to keep me in check. And to help my brain quit farting all the time and forgetting all the important stuff that I want to remember.

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