Saturday, August 8, 2009

Competing Scales

Just a quick note: I've lost a grand total of....... 16 pounds.

Not really awesome concidering the lenght of time I've been on my "Weight Loss Journey". (1 year) My sister, on the other hand, has lost 30 pounds in the SAME amount of time that I've been trying to lose weight. She works outside her home. I work.... um.. NOT outside my home. Her job entails heavy lifting, and massive amounts of walking, pushing, pulling, etc. My job- eh? Sweeping, mopping, folding.

BUT! I've been working out (on again off again for the last year- ON for a few weeks at a time, OFF for a few weeks at a time). Totally inconsistent. I'm either go go go and GONE, or home home home and busy busy busy. I eat when I can- most days missing breakfast, losing out a decent lunch and crammin in as much as I can hold by the evening because I'm sooo hungry due to nutritional neglect through out the day. This is why I hold onto chub. This is WHY the last year has absolutely discouraged any hopes of seeing the 'cute thinner side' of me.

Today, my sister and I, we're exactly 5 pounds apart in our weight (she has the 5 pound advantage, um, DISadvantage.... that is- she's lighter than I am)

We have a difference in height as well. Maybe around 2 inches? And totally opposite shapes. I'm an apple. She's a pear. I love her slim face and smaller stomache, she would prefer my tiny touche and long legs. Physically, we can't do a whole lot of comparisons, because we look different.

BUT! She has proclaimed that she refuses to let me weigh less than her. Not that the scale is an accurate account of healthy vs. unhealthy.... but the fact remains that she is challenging me to step up my game.

Oh. Ya. It's ON now. I mean- total challenge! We'll see who gets the NEXT 5 pound adv... disadv.... um.....WE'll SEE WHO WEIGHs LEss next time! I'm not gonna be the LOSER, that's for sure. No. Wait! I AM gonna be the LOSER. Um. That still doesn't sound right.

I am going to be the one that loses weight and ends up weighing less, therefore putting me in first place and BEATING HER. There. That clarifies it.

Game On Sista! You're going doooowwwn... (well- I'm going doooown, too.. BUT I'm going to go doooowwwn in a way that beats you! So. HA!)

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