Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I could listen to this over and over during my quiet time.


"anything i put before my God is an idol....."
"anything i want with all my heart is an idol"
"anything i can't stop thinking of is an idol"
"anything that i give all my love is an idol"

Wow. I have a long list of idols in my head. I think of all the 'things' I put before My God, and all the idols that exist in my life.

One of my favorite places these days: The YMCA. It has become an idol. And when I go to the gym before I've invested in time alone with my Savior, I am proving to myself that idols are more than just statues.

One of my goals has been weight loss. Idol. I've been investing so much thought into losing weight, and becoming healthy and attractive. I can't 'stop thinking' about it.... Idol.

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