Saturday, April 9, 2011

Career Day.

The time has come; this chick needs a career.

Narrowing it down is the hard part!  I know that WHATEVER I do, I can do it awesome.  I'm not floating my boat- I'm being honest.  If I "believe" in it- I can do it.

The though of becoming a counselor sincerely grips me.  The idea of guiding and helping and hoping alongside fellow man... JUST THE IDEA of it brings a sense of fulfilment.

But then again- I have a natural knack for marketing.  I'm able to see the best in a business and come up with ideas to market that company.  I have made up hundreds of marketing slogans in my mind for various companies, wishing I knew the person in charge of marketing so that I could "gift" them my ideas.

And then there's writing.... perhaps I should pursue a career in writing? I love it.  I get gratification from it.  It makes me happy.....

Public Relations!  Specifically in the media industry.... oh-how-awesome it would be to be that "person" behind the scenes talking about, and talking up, and writing about, and showcasing.....

It's time to start a career.  What kind of career day do they offer for 30 year old stay-at-home mom's that have a desire to pursue their dreams?

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