Thursday, December 2, 2010

Convictions and Controversy (Part 1)

I'll certainly have to divide this out into parts; it's a long story to say the least.

In the beginning, God created the Earth.... and so on and so forth, and now here we are.
And 7 years ago when our first born was... um.... born, my husband (the baby-daddy) and I talked about all the things we would and wouldn't and should and shouldn't do.

Like? "We will never let our kids throw tantrums in public like that!!!"

(our 3rd born,  little Leah, age 2)

And: "We will make sure our kids are always properly dressed."

(Zoe, age 5.  Yes, those are training pants on her head.  Leah, age 2.  That's right.  She's not even wearing any clothes!)

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