Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It all started yesterday morning.  I won't go through the list- but at every turn around my 6 year old decided to disobey- disregard- and disrespect.  She was punished.  At a last resort attempt at showing her I meant business, I banned her from 'play time' during our Kindermusik  session.  This is huge.

There are friends for both her and Zoe to play with at Kindermusik while Leah and I sing our gay little songs.  They get their own room.  Their own play stuff.  It's the highlight of their week during K-Musik Sessions.

So- she sat in the room with us.  With a book.  And had to just..... sit.  For 45 minutes.

And later than night- she continued in her disobedience.

And this morning- it is STILL going on.

Today- she is cleaning.  The whole. entire. day.  Clean.  Clean.  School.  School.  NO PLAY.  With words of instrucion that state: "It's important to obey.  You must follow directions.  You are giving away your play time because of your behavior."  (Why are you so mean?  Why can't I get a break?  Why would you punish me for 'forgetting' to obey??)  And I reply "It's your choice to disobey.  It's your choice to be punished.  If you can't remember the rules- this should help you."

And she STILL continues to disobey.  Taking my cell phone- and hiding it under a dresser in the office.  Spraying the TV with bleach.  Arguing.  Whining.  Complaining.......  and so on.

I'm at a loss.  It's making me frustrated.  My hands are in the air.... UGH!!!

Joshua says she is 'rebelling' against me.  I concur.  I just wish it wasn't TRUE.

 SIX-YEARS-OLD!!!  And the rebelling is starting.

What.  Should.  I.  DO???????/

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  1. I've SO been there! Trust me, you are not alone. Hang in there and stand your ground. She just has to see that you truly aren't going to give in. I'll be praying for you!