Saturday, June 25, 2011


5 minutes.

The time that goes by without an interruption, or an explosion of

It doesn't matter what I'm doing.

Folding laundry.
Taking a bath.


"She took my doll."
"She won't get out of my room."
"She hit me."
"She... They... But can I... Why won't you... Why NOT?!?"

At the end of my rope I grasp, losing my sanity. I can't do this Mommy thing!!  I can't be patient when I need to be. I can't use calm, yet assertive words to get my point across!!!  I can't have a thought long enough to keep it as my own before it is robbed from me!!!

And just when I think I've had more than I can handle, one of them comes to me and says- out of the blue, in the midst of my chaos,

"I love you!!  You're the BEST mommy in the world!!!"

And it all disappears. The frustration melts away, and I am suddenly refreshed with more will, and more strength to live up to what they believe to be true.

I'm a good mommy??


I'm the BEST mommy!!  

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