Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blurts.....? Blurbs.....? Whatever- Just A Bunch of Stuff

I got a little lost on Facebook, when I had planned on blogging.  Then- I got lost on blogger- reading, instead of writing.  I am so incredibly directionally challenged!


This blog is going to be varied, and so random.  My eyelids gained weight- and they're far too heavy to hold up for a detailed blog.

I may or may not come back later and elaborate.  It just depends....


  Last night I got a last minute rush of "Do IT!" and showed up for an Oprah casting call.
The theme:
 "What have you always wanted to do- but life got in the way- and you've never done it."

Just narrowing it down to ONE thing was enough reason for me to keep my tail between my legs and stay home watching Netflix and catch up on laundry.

Long story very short- I narrowed it down to ONE dream.  I dressed up.  I met a friend there.
I got turned away.
After waiting for 3 hours.
Cause I'm 29... not 30 (yet).
Lame.  The stipulation was NOT clear on the exact age of the applicants.
Then... another interviewer agreed to 'do a quick session' with me.  And I was not turned away.
Who knows if anything more than a fun hang out time with a cool chick will come out of it?
I'm okay with whatever.


Marriage is SO stinkin' hard.  Really.  What were people thinking to INVENT marriage????
Oh.  Never mind.  People aren't the creators of the 'world'.  It's God.
It's a little harder for me to question WHAT He was thinking.  He is God, ya know?
Apparently- He's got a pretty good idea about how 'things should work'.
Marriage is ROUGH.  It's all emotional and tense- and intensly emotional!!!


I have a standard of conviction in 'certain' areas that I wish I would quit wavering from.
Nothing huge- just personal.  I'm not cheating (nor do I want to) or shooting up heroine... but still... not doing what I should, even though I should be doing it... and doing things I shouldn't be doing.... and so on, and so on, and blah blah blah.


Speaking of convictions- I despise being told to 'stop being so uptight' when I express a specific conviction I have about a specific thing.  The person(s) I'm referring to are varied in their walk.  No better, no worse than I... but I'm thinking the get irritated with my conviction because- MAYBE- they assume I'm judging them based on the fact that THEY do not have that conviction.....
To be clear- it's not ONE specific person- but lately- I've had a cluster come in- and this is just something that has been urking me.


I like random topics- and jumping from one thought to another freely.
I'm going to let my eyelids take a rest, now.
Coming soon:  All time favorite songs- why I love(d) them, and what they mean to me now...

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